Welcome to the estate!

We’re officially on the hook for this place, so that’s fun. But also nerve-wrecking (wracking? Both.) because it means coughing up cash, a lot of cash, pretty soon. We went through a couple weeks of pretty intense money-hunting, only to find there aren’t really any appealing options. Everything the Internet said about buying land is true. Anyways, it’s ours (basically).

We went to visit a week and some ago. Here’s what Liam wrote:

Thanks to Pierre and Robbie, we got to visit the site for a few hours today – this time with a totally different perspective because it’s nearly ours. And we finally got a key to look inside.

Pretty much everything was a pleasant surprise. The inside is clean, spacious, and generally more finished than we expected. The shower and toilet plumbing are done, minus the fixtures. Nina took dimensions while I tried to envision where the outdoor kitchen will go. The site is more expansive than we remembered and in most directions you look, we (will) own as far as the eye can see. The paths are very well maintained and it takes a brisk 10 minutes of walking in a straight line to reach the furthest boundary. There are some remnants of an ancient farm that make the property pretty interesting. There’s a massive loose rock foundation for a barn, we have mature apple and pear trees and overgrown grapes (we think). There are also piles of rocks throughout the woods that could be useful down the line.

Beavers rule this land. We already saw one and we are depending on them to keep our “lake” deep. There are trees as big as 10″ that they’ve downed all over the place. It turns out that most of the bodies of water on the property are connected. The map doesn’t show this because they’re connected by narrow streams engineered by the beavers. But this means we can drop a canoe in right beside the cabin. We also saw a grouse and two massive vultures – bare heads and all.

There’s an old aerial photo hung in the cabin (I hope we get to keep it) that solves a few mysteries. The site used to be mostly a pasture. And the strange house in the middle of nowhere is sitting on what used to be a radio tower site and service road (now driveway).

The only slightly puzzling thing is that the water was running a little smelly (sulphur) after 2 hours. And we discovered that one of the pipes inside the cabin burst. But it’s fully exposed in the open and the owner will be covering the repair job. We’re not quite sure how the plumber took his water sample because he didn’t run any of the taps, but it did come back clean (bacteria-wise). We also got a sample today and it’s being tested in Perth. And it’s a bit odd that the plumber neglected to mention the odour.

Anyway, if you want to sift through photos, I took a lot of them!

While he continues to be poetic, I’ve continued to buy stuff. Did I mention the dresser? Nice dresser. Thanks, Kijiji James. His grandfather built it, he said. I thanked him for delivering it (from Pembroke!) with a jug of brandy. I’ll be cleaning up the dresser a bit with either a splash of stain or just a clear coat to bring out the wood-ness.

I’ve also finished stocking up on tiles for the wet bath, and looked up more instructions. I definitely get the gist of it. Back to the tiles – I rented a car the other day and drove around picking up my Kijiji goodies, including 126 12″ tiles from Nepean (I got lost on the way and Josée-Anna ended up giving me directions back – thanks!). As I loaded them up I noticed they weren’t quite white… more, pinkish… Well, pink shmears anyhow. I didn’t think it was too bad so I kept loading up. I then drove to Almonte (the “e” is silent FYI) to pick up piled of upholstery fabric samples so I can make the most incredible something when the time comes.

It was a tiring day, mostly because I didn’t eat enough and got cranky. And then I got home and unpacked a tile and held it next to the ones i already had. GRRRR they were very NOT white. VERY pinkish. NOT happy Nina. I huffed for a while. Liam helpfully suggested we use them around the yard, like for the future outdoor BBQ, or maybe in mosaic patio stones. Fine. They’re good for that much. Man, I was mad. And then the next tile guy (great oversized subway tiles tiles) gave me a mini lecture about checking tile colour dye lots. Thanks. Thanks.

And now I have to stop collecting things. We don’t move in until May 12th and our place is getting crowded. Liam is patient and that’s nice, so I’ll calm down a bit. Although subways tile guy just posted two cans of paint: raspberry and orange. I want, I want… Won’t. Not yet.

Oh! And Beth sent us this great beaver documentary. Super cool. I hope we all get along.

Pictures to be added soon…


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