Visit from another German/Tommy Lake

Marcel Schweiker is visiting Liam for a month. He’s a researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Liam’ll be returning that visit to Marcel (accompanied by Nina) in October and November. Here’s Marcel’s lab at KIT, named LOBSTER. It’s used to study comfort and behaviour of office occupants. For instance, how much less likely is someone to turn on a fan in the presence of an office-mate if conditions are too warm?



We offered Marcel a weekend away during his first weekend in Ottawa. On Saturday we had him over to the cabin, where we set the ambitious goal to find and canoe to neighbouring Tommy Lake. Sunday, we went to a nearby park, Frontenac Provincial Park and did a 11km day hike. Fortunately, Marcel seems to be a good photographer. Some highlights below.

Finding Tommy Lake was tough because we didn’t have a map with us and the bushes are very thick. Essentially, we had to do our best at guessing where to hop out. Then we walked and found the lake. Then we had to figure out how to get back to our canoe and find the shortest/least brushy route. This involved walking for about 20 minutes in a waist-deep swamp. Liam got a couple of leeches on his feet.

Tommy Lake is a real lake and arguable quite a bit superior to ours in the sense of clarity and swimmability. No photos of it below, for whatever reason. The lake has just a single home on it (Herlehy Estate). Mr. Herlehy owns the Home Hardware in Westport.

Muskoka/Adirondack/you-name-it chairs from Kathryn and Marcel. New foot rests, also from them, are awaiting construction. 
Just downstream of our lake; the dam seems a bit weak this year, so there’s a deep stream right below it with some very sizable fish. Right before we hopped out of the canoe here, we saw a family of otters.
A brave Marcel walking through the weeds.
Getting leech-eaten.
Somebody decided to wear Blunstones. Somebody else forgot to communicate the extent of his ambition for the adventure. 
Post Tommy Lake. Liam was very tired.
Canoeing out to the big island for dinner. We bough a fairly sizable whole frozen salmon and grilled it out on the island. The theory is that we will not get caught without a fire permit when we’re a km from the nearest person. Salmon was delicious, served with corn and mushrooms.
Monster beaver lodge on our lake.
Fairly close up to a beaver swimming away. These days, you can see about 10-20 individual beavers per hour of dinner-time canoe ride.

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