Mysterious bit n’ bobs

This is an overflow post, since there were a few things that I wanted to mention in the other post, but counting up to more than 3 things seemed too scattered, so here we are. In captioned pictures:

Isn’t that weird? We arrived after a few weeks away and found piles of this. I thought, BEAR POOP! But no, it looked more like peat moss close up. Not sure what the heck it was and why it was so strangely scattered on the porch. It had also rained a lot the week before, so it’s extra odd that it would be in such large pieces. Why? WHY?

2017-07-14 11.50.45
Sketching out the back patio, to be built sometime in the future, near or distant. We figure it’ll be resting on patio stones, so a very low patio. Just something solid to put chairs and a viking/beer hall-style table on for when we have pizzas flying out of the oven behind it (pile of rocks in top left corner).

The idea is to surround the cabin and patio with mulch, i.e., not grass. Here’s why:


2017-07-16 19.00.27
So lush, so green, and so annoying. I weed whacked the paths a bunch, but it’s tedious and more tedious. Hence the grass-free lawn idea. Mulch the bejeezus out of the whole thing – that’s the plan. No more grass. No more surprise waist-high grass. Hope it works.

And check these out:

2017-07-14 11.50.28
I noticed these little things poking out of the eaves the other day…
2017-07-16 10.27.39
Baby snakes! So cute! Momma snake is always slithering around the steps out the patio doors – maybe on her way to get some baby mice for these little guys.



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