Maple Syrup

What a weekend! We went up Thursday afternoon and came back Monday afternoon. Things are melty and soggy and, in the case of our maple trees, drippy. Below, a few pictures from our tree tapping.


The whole process was slightly more complicated than expected since the hand drill we’d bought the day before specifically to tap the trees was broken, making the brand new drill bit to go with it useless, plus we didn’t like the plastic buckets, and a bunch of spiles (I prefer to call them spigots) broke when we tap-tap-tapped them in.

We ended up returning the broken stuff, getting a new drill bit that worked with our teeny-weeny hand drill (which also broke by the end and took forever), getting “proper” metal buckets at a different place, and… making a grand total of 250mL of maple syrup! Not bad at all for a three-day tapping by (mostly) first-timers! Ta-da!


Also not bad given that it rained AND snowed in that time. So Liam emptied out some of the ice (pic below), leaving the precious, sweet sap in the bottom.


And now for some random pictures…

Liam made (a ton of) delicious jambalaya that we ate over a few days. It was incredible – ask him for the recipe. It gives Daddy’s a run for its money, I admit.
More beaver activity. I sigh at the precious, precious wood chips that I’ll never collect.
Walking on the ice we found this. A muskrat den?
It’s neat to see the beavers putter around their lodges. We saw a couple hanging out on the ice at another lodge at one of the side ponds.
The rain made this set of chewed logs especially pretty.
A tick, alive and well. Unfortunately.
I think I’m hanging out looking joyful about our new chairs (Christmas gift from Mummy & Daddy). This is hands down the best sitting spot, and it was badly in need of chairs.
Yes! That’s a porcupine – in a tree! The picture doesn’t quite do it justice but it was reeeeeeally high up at the tippy tree top.

The next three pictures are ones I asked Liam to take last minute, so he was a sport and did that for me. I made two backrests for the daybed I’d built a few months ago. I read somewhere that a 110 degree angle was good for this kind of thing, so Liam and I did some *ahem* advanced trigonometry and figured out the measurements. SOHCAHTOA, thank you. I used all lumber we already had, nothing new, so some of it is quite roughly improvised, but no one will know when it’s all done.

Under the right side one (open in front) are stored folding chairs, somewhat densely packed. Under the left side one (open in the back) will be a few shelves to store board games. I haven’t decided how I’ll trim and finish it up, but it might involve bead board wallpaper since I’m not a fan of plywood texture. Picky? Maybe. Pretty? Definitely.


That’s all for this time. Looking forward to heading up again soon!





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