Thanksgiving weekend

A short and sweet blog post…

Thanksgiving weekend, we were joined by most of the Fab 5, including Costa, Leanne, Eleni – and notably addition 18-month-old Emile from Yellowknife. I think we witnessed the single sharpest downturn in temperature this Fall. The first day was shorts and t-shirts weather and the morning we left was 3C. The weekend was primarily spent installing the wood stove (complete!), exploring the property with our visitors, and eating delicious food. Some highlights:

  • Completing the wood stove installation (a 12-hour operation that involved many helpful hands)
  • Picnic with Arctic Char and red wine on the bigger island
  • Playing with Emile
  • Harvesting potatoes and herbs before first frost

A few pictures are below. Hopefully we will have a longer stay and even longer blog post before the end of October. But we are very very busy with school.

Looking over Westport: from left: Emile, Leanne, Costa, Eleni, Liam, Nina
About two-thirds of our 2016 potato yield and a small sampling of herbs: chives, thyme, basil, and another…

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