Sleepy, rainy visit

We had medium-high hopes that our visit this weekend would result in a fully installed wood stove (Liam) and fully patched and painted walls (Nina), but, well, it didn’t. A few setbacks (mostly in terms of lack of supplies) meant we didn’t follow all the way through with our plans, but still, we got a lot done and it’s looking nicer and cozier every visit, so there’s that. It didn’t help that Liam and I are both sniffling and sneezing and coughing thanks to matching colds with poor timing. But it did help that it wasn’t very cold outside, since it reassured us that the wood stove isn’t needed in this exact instant.

Right, but the cool things we did (and didn’t take pictures of, so bear with me) include: I (Nina) pried up tiles and then hacked off a big chunk of kitchen counter (lesson: reciprocating saws are FUN) and moved it next to the door like an island. The fridge is in the back left corner now, out of the way, at last. And I got partway through building the small bit of counter that will be between the sink and the fridge using found wood and the kijiji granite piece that fits oh so perfectly. I like it so much more now. And I’ll add a flip-up bit to the edge of the island as an additional chopping space. It’s great. nothing is done, but man it feels good to make very visible progress.

Oh and I finally put on the last window frame on the second/third kitchen window. And caulked it! Wow, how have gone through life without ever caulking? It’s my new favourite ever thing. It’s satisfying as anything, goes on great, cleans up easy, and makes things look so much nicer. I’ve been caulking mostly around window trim, but also a few other bits of trim here and there, to use up the tube. I kept saying to Liam, “this is fun, I like caulk. Need anything caulked? I can do it. I’m really good at this.” Next visit I can paint. Maybe. If I get around to it. I also have the reading bench/daybed covers to sew – gr.

While I was doing this Liam was navigating the crazy maze that is the wood stove code manual. It’s so precise/picky. I mean, I’m glad it is, of course, but yikes. And yet on the other hand, the instructions that came with the stove pipe, etc., are sparse to say the least. Long story short, as I said, he didn’t get as far along as he’d wanted, but the wood stove is now sitting pretty on its cured concrete pad and we’ll hopefully get the last bits in next weekend when his friends are visiting for Turkey Weekend.

Well that’s it for this sleepy post. I’m in my onesie about to put on Netflix with Liam and then a hard zzz… So much snots. Gets in the way of a good sleep. Oh, speaking of which, very few micey noises this weekend (YAYYYYYYYYY), and ZERO nests. Thank god. I was starting to go a bit kookoo there…


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