Just a small aside

I stopped off for a quick Trash Nothing pick-up just now and met the nicest lady. Her name is Shannon and she was cleaning out her garage and finding all kinds of fun stuff to give away to leeches like me. I got lucky enough to pick up some shelves (track shelves, I think they’re called), which will be perfect with a slap of that great yellow paint I have. We got to chatting and she ended up giving me a few scarlett pea seeds. Look it up – gorgeous flowers. Apparently they’re low maintenance, like full sun to partial shade, which we have lots of, and they climb, climb, climb. So that’ll be good fun. Beth O’Brien is coming next weekend (after Dave & Ana & Owen & Charlie’s visit this weekend – busy busy!) with a windmill, I think. So that might make a fun climbing gym for new pea plants.

Right, the point of this small aside was that the cabin has been a super excuse to put my trash hunting skills to use and it’s been a really fun process to contact people all around town and pick up their garbage. I’ve met all kinds of people like Shannon, friendly and chatty and with interesting hobbies… Liam and I went to see a futon being sold by a guy who worked as a personal chauffeur for a cabinet minister or something. Nifty-doo.


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