Chris (aka Xander) digs and digs and digs

The estate’s first non-family visitor, Chris (aka Xander), came last week, Monday-Wednesday.


We loaded up the car and stopped off at Freshco (remember how much we love Freshco?) for a bunch of vegetables and sausage and beer and bam, estate home, sweet estate home. We got to the cabin and made a game plan: we’d chill that night, and get to work in the morning. I started to list a few project options: 1) the path from the cabin to the fire pit needs digging up so I can plant thyme and other stinky tick-repelling plants… or there’s 2)… Nope, #1 was sold! Xander took up the digging right away since he used to work in landscaping. I didn’t bother listing the rest. Score. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, especially since it was another HOT HOT HOT HOT couple of days ahead.

So beers were popped and eventually sleep was had. VERY unfortunately there were a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around, keeping us both awake with their nasty bites. Anyhow, morning came and for the next two days Xander and I worked away, him on digging up the path and me on inside things like painting and window trim. See the new trim? I forgot to take a picture of the path. Oops.

2016-07-05 18.11.24

And then last weekend we hosted Scott, Shannon, & Zoe (separate post to come). Zoe wasn’t interested in continuing Xander’s work because it was raining too hard, so we held off on doing outdoor projects. Maybe when she turns 4 months old she’ll be strong enough to shovel in the rain. Separate but related: I did plant the thyme just after they left and I really hope it didn’t all die.

Long story short, THANKS XANDER FOR YOUR HELP! It’s crazy how much he did, out in the sun, dressed like some safari-Rambo, caked in dirt…

2016-07-05 18.11.05

Check out the outside pics he took on our dusk paddle:

FullSizeRender_1LakeAnd my favourite, of the cabin:

House sunCan’t wait ’til you all see the cool progress inside and out!


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