Mango canoe

Today (Sunday of Canada Day long weekend) we spontaneously decided to go buy a canoe and paddle it home. The two places to get canoes are about 10 km of paddling and 3-4 km of portaging through city streets. 10 minutes after entering the store, we left with our mango-coloured 16′ canoe.

2016-07-03 11.44.58

2016-07-03 12.06.19
We soon discovered that this is a terrible yoke with no curvature for shoulders. 

2016-07-03 13.13.49

2016-07-03 12.54.49
Danger – Open Dam – Keep Away
2016-07-03 13.49.45
Parliament hill

2016-07-03 12.06.40

Canoe 2011
For comparsion, this picture is from about 5 years ago, Rideau Canal

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