Another sneaky day trip

Liam and I went up for a day trip yesterday and got loads done, mostly inside. Kind of surprisingly a lot, actually. I’ll put pictures and accompanying captions soon, but first, I just picked up some free paint from a guy through Freecycle, and we’d like input on what/where to use it. Here’s what we have:

  1. nearly-full gallon of grey/blue-ish kitchen & bath paint (mildew resistant)
  2. small amount of sunshine yellow
  3. medium amount of dark/brick red
  4. 1/3 gallon of bright pink (the shade that says, HI! I’M PINK!)

I would love to have the yellow on the dormer ceiling, but there isn’t enough paint for that big of job. So my thinking was PINK. And on the bathroom ceiling, too. It’s super bright and would add a major pop (!) to what’ll otherwise be painted pretty much all white. But it’d also be pretty subtle since the dormer is tall enough that the pink wouldn’t be super visible. I could even get really creative and paint the undersides of the ladder pink, too (the rest would be white). Oh, and the under-loft! OK, I’m running out of paint now. Maybe. Or maybe not… Eee!

Right. But the issue is Liam is a little bit skeptical about the bright, in-your-face-ness of the pink. He suggested I ask our hundreds of faithful followers what they think we should do. Here are the colours. The left column, the paint out of the cans. To the right, the PINK and yellow mixed at different ratios. They’re much more sophisticated than either of the two alone. But also more boring. I took a picture but they’re awful. Here they  are, but I’ll try to remember to re-take them.

2016-05-31 22.16.09

I still think PINK will be perrrr-fect. That grey, I don’t know where that could go… The yellow there’s only the weeny bit of it. The dark red is preeeeeetty, but for what? Some shelves? The dresser the previous owner left?

Any thoughts?

And now, the visit… It was pretty damn hot on Monday and I’d gotten a bit sunburnt on Saturday from extensive Great Glebe Garage Sale-ing. It was a bit of a weak year for the GGGS, it seemed to us, but we got a few useful things (staple gun, bulky yarn, enamel bowls) and a few un-useful things. My favourite find of the day and of all of life is our new dog, tentatively named Woofy. He scared the crap out of many a passerby and I got loads and loads of comments as I walked about the tables with him tucked under my arm. People said some strange things, considering Woofy is made of wood (key detail). He’s now at home at the estate. He’s adjusting slowly to his new surroundings, staying mostly tucked in the space between the kitchen cupboards.

2016-05-30 17.45.17
Here’s a shot of Woofy cowering under the counter. We couldn’t even tempt him out with his favourite treats! Wimp. At least he stood still long enough for me to snap this picture of him. And anyway, it’s better he stay there so he’s not underfoot as we rush here and there with power tools.

My first task with to finish the wire mouse-proof (hopefully) mesh under the loft. I used a heavy duty staple gun and was sweating buckets since it’s heavy and requires a pretty decent HEAVE-HO to get it to go. I may have overdone the staples, but oh well.

2016-05-30 17.44.19
Mouse-proof! With a bit of luck it’s giant-spider-proof, too.

And then I worked on the craftsman-style window trim. Either the wall is very off level or the window and its current frame are very off-level because when I dry-fitted it to check level/square-ness, it was wayyyy off. So I’ll need to regroup next visit.

2016-05-30 17.44.57
Window trim in progress. It’ll all be white once it’s done. And the tiles will get an epoxy paint (white), too. And everything will be white. I might also get a cast iron farmhouse sink with a built-in drainboard this weekend, which would be awesome for reducing wet messes from dishes, etc. It would be about as wide as the window. Fingers crossed.

While I was cursing crooked walls Liam was fashioning a work table to go over top the water pump/heater. The whole place is a disaster and the front room (where he installed the table) is no exception –  so he wisely chose to start there. I think next visit he’ll get some tools set up, too.

2016-05-30 17.45.45
Liam’s work table! Braced on the bottom, screwed into the beams on the window wall and interior wall, stabilized legs, open outlets, access to important switches, etc… I had my doubts, yes, but that turned out well. Phew!

Liam and I also teamwork-ed the loft ladder, turning it around so it makes more sense. And we also swapped out the rickety safety rail for something a bit more solid. It’s (pretty obviously) a headboard/footboard. We’ll chamfer it (a fancy term we’ve learned since becoming estate-dwellers) and I forget if we decided to stain it or paint it. Anyway, both of those are major improvements to the loft. Once I pick up more nails I’ll be able to finish the window trim, too. Like the kitchen window, it’s really wonky-doodle with giant gaps all around it full of dried bug corpses stuck in the poking-out insulation, so it’ll take some fiddling to get it to work properly.

2016-05-30 17.44.37
Loft ladder turned around so when you walk up you don’t walk off the edge. So much better. Eventually we might swap it for a straight ladder, to open the space now taken by the ladder. We were thinking a wall of built-in bookshelves. Mañana…
2016-05-30 17.44.52
New bed rail. We put it up with the intention of it being fairly temporary since we have some loft ideas. Anyhow this works great until then and gives just enough more security to Liam, who’s been sleeping on the outside (I got the dead bug wall, a fair trade).

Later in the day we squeezed in a rowboat trip to a part of the pond I hadn’t seen (near the giant dam in the previous post – the one holding our whole pond together). We went with an anchor so we could test the water depth. 5-6 feet in most places. Womp womp. We’ll try a few other spots next visit because it’d be awesome to have a halfway decent swimming hole.

2016-05-30 18.17.12
Liam rowed alone this time and champed it. Check out that water!
2016-05-30 18.09.58
Our awesome anchor. Previous owner left it. So happy. It’s heavy (as one would expect) and red and it wiggles.

Another major accomplishment was the garden – stuff’s growing! Good stuff, too, not just weeds. Check it out:

2016-05-30 17.54.05
Potatoes. We think.
2016-05-30 17.53.40
How does your onion (or maybe garlic?) grow? Plentifully.
2016-05-30 17.45.25
We didn’t grow those, but we did eat them since the potatoes don’t seem to be ready.

Dinner was a bit fancier since we discovered Freshco in Carleton Place on the way in. Vince shared a super top-secret secret that Freshco is the cheapest of the chains. And it sure is. We bought -wait for it- fruit. We bought fruit. We never buy fruit because at the grocery stores in Ottawa it’s all ridiculously expensive. We got melon AND honeydew (without having to offer up a limb in exchange), bananas ($.59/lb – gasp), avocados (FIVE for $2.99 – ???), tomatoes… I got Shredded Wheats for way less than the usual $6 a box, and Diana sauce was only a buck and some. Wow…

Point is, we got steak and NON-GREEN peppers (for $1.99/lb – what is this madness?) and threw it on the fire. Yum. Thanks, Chef O’Brien!

2016-05-30 19.37.29
Dinner! Mm pool of steak blood so good.
2016-05-30 19.37.32
The sad pepper that fell into the fire and couldn’t be rescued quickly enough due to faulty tongs. We washed it off and ate it tonight. No waste!
2016-05-30 19.37.24
We wear our nerd hats for tick protection, even while eating, and for good reason: as I picked up my plate after dinner I had a honkin’ huge tick jump on my hand. Blech. I crushed him.

That was our day! And the best best best thing was walking up to the cabin and being greeted by the friendly face on our doorstep.

2016-05-30 17.46.35
That’s José the gnome and Gulliver the expired beaver. Note the red teeth – apparently that’s a thing that happens naturally. Don’t remember why.

Dat be all for this trip. It felt awesome to get a few things done and out of the way. Next time can be more checkboxes checked. We’re driven, if you can’t tell. And I’m excited to start slapping obnoxiously bright paint everywhere! But that’ll likely have to wait until the place is a teeny bit tidier.


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  1. You’re killing me. This is so funny. I am hoping you two have a tick hat for me…..!!! Katie


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