Sneaky day trip

I’ve been itching (not literally – not many mosquitoes this time) to get back to fixing up the under-loft, etc., so I slithered away (not literally – but I did find some nice snake skins in the wall when I pulled up the under-loft boards) to the cabin on Tuesday to hammer out (literally) a few more patching-up details on the loft under-floor and around the windows.

I was so absorbed in cleaning, sanding, and painting boards for the under-floor and spray-foaming the windows that I almost forgot to look outside. Glad I did because the lilac outside the kitchen window is in full purple-glory and the apple (?) trees down the path are all white and flowery, too. Also, the grass is insanely overgrown. Not good. Ticks like long grass where they can hide in the moist shade. And then they POUNCE, the little twerps. I was walking under a tree and less than a foot from my face there was one of the little buggers on a leaf. There was also a fat caterpillar on the leaf next to him. I gave that tree a huge berth on my way back. *Shiver*

Pictures of progress:

2016-05-25 09.57.55
Under-loft – previously board & batten covering the beams. I pulled off the batten and unscrewed the boards (note: screws, good, nails: bad) and found what I suspected: a few mouse homes tucked in the open drywall areas. Also got freaked out by a giant spider (like a dock spider) that was hanging out in the corner. I trapped him in a yogurt container so I could sleep at night and released him in the morning. Right, and more importantly, I prepped mouse-proof wire mesh to block the holes. Ran out of staples so that’ll be to finish next time. All the micies are out playing with ticks outside now, anyways, so I think the delay has been A-OK.
2016-05-25 09.58.04
Under-loft boards, cleaned, sanded, and primed. I also organized them right-to-left, front-to-back so I could reuse all the holes. They’re in good shape and look a bajillion times better without the worn-out green. Going to put another coat of primer and then I’m really feeling a bright sunny or egg yolk yellow. Our BAM pop of colour. Sounds like a good plan. Same colour would go on the dormer ceiling.
2016-05-25 09.58.10
Dormer window with foam insulation round 1. Going to re-build the inner frame and the re-foam as needed. The foam wasn’t at all horrible and fussy like I expected. It was satisfying, actually. PFFSSHHHTT… expand… cure, slice, done.
2016-05-25 09.57.41
Same for the kitchen-to-sunroom window. I also started priming the inner frame. I’ll be farmhouse trimming this one, too.
2016-05-25 09.57.33
And same again for the kitchen window gaps. Note the Nina-made frame + ledge for the inner window, oo ahh… Made those ledge overhang cuts with a circular saw aka the hard way. Got myself a jigsaw for the other cuts for the other windows. The kitchen will be a farmhouse trim, too. Made the cheater way with half-round, though, so I can leave the window ledge as-is. We’ll see. And note my first bit of decorating! The rest of the place is an insane mess with tools and dead bugs everywhere. But dammit that shelf is styled. What colour to paint the shelf, though? White to start? Or maybe my new teal milk paint from Montreal?
2016-05-25 09.59.38
This is the lilac outside the kitchen window. Perty. I watched butterflies as I foam-filled the window.
2016-05-25 09.59.44
In case you missed the grass around the lilac, this is our “path”. Man, grass grows quickly! We’re thinking of planting a whack of creeping thyme everywhere, which mosquitoes don’t like and that doesn’t need mowing. And wild geranium, which ticks don’t like. And maybe other things that deer (aka tick food) don’t like.
2016-05-25 10.00.16
One of the 4 blossoming trees in that little area down the path from the cabin. Hard to tell but the tree and the white thing are in a recessed area that might have been a stone wall or a barn foundation. I want to build it up using the stones from the forest and make a walled “secret garden” that is also deer-proof so we can have a veggie garden there. In time.
2016-05-25 10.01.36
Liam’s garlic 😦 See the nibbles? Hopefully something will come up to make his sweaty pitchforking efforts worthwhile.
2016-05-25 10.02.06
Cilantro is very sad, but the others are doing OK. I guess scorching sun and no rain isn’t their favourite.
2016-05-25 10.17.42
On the drive out. Not our property, but it was so pretty and I think one of our ponds probably looks like this about now. See the pretty yellow flowers?

And in related news: Great Glebe Garage Sale is this Saturday and I’m bonkers with excitement. It’s heaven in a Saturday. I hope everyone on town except the vendors has a bad hangover Saturday – nothing permanent or life-threatening, but just enough to stay home and leave Liam and I to roll in the spoils of sale items all by ourselves. Or maybe not – the crazy crowd that shows up every year is half the fun. People are EVERYWHERE. Cars are stuck and can’t get through for the 5+ square blocks and it’s mass anarchy on all the surrounding streets. It’s great. Everyone should come to the GGGS, even if you can’t say “Glebe” without giggling.


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