Getting there…

A bit more paperwork, a visit, some water stuff, and bam! The place will soon be ours. Which would be great because I’m having major focus troubles from all of this excitement.

It’s been a really fun process so far, especially since this was completely on a whim. All we did was “Ooo, wanna get it? Yes!” after seeing the cabin and its endless acres on kijiji. We did no research into buying real estate, hadn’t been planning on buying land at all (none), didn’t know what the market was like (what’s a “market”, anyway?), and had no clue what to do. Enter: (da-da-da-daaa!) Pierre and Robbie to save the day. With a flip of their capes and a flick of their wands/cell phones they looked into everything from zoning to water to all the stuff in between. They took us by our giddy, ignorant hands and walked us through the whole thing, top to bottom. They’re even going to fly on their broomsticks and/or dragons to come visit the property and run some final water tests with us. Thanks! We’ll take lots of pictures and measurements when we’re there so that Liam and I can start drafting up our plan of attack for how to fix up the cabin and gently nudge some of the land into camp- and garden-worthy shape.

Giant hugs and kisses and thanks to our families, who have been super in giving both practical advice and “YEAH! DO IT!” enthusiasm and support. This includes Grammy and Grampa who spent some of their Florida time brainstorming with Mummy & Daddy  all of the pros/cons of us moving to buy this place (No shower? No problem! I never much liked showers, anyway). Big thanks also to the friends who have listened to us prattle on for a few weeks now about our MAYBE cottage that we can’t wait for them to come stay at IF WE GET IT. Our priority when we get there is to tramp about and pick some cool tent and lean-to sites.

Also thanks to the great well guy, John Jeffrey at Professional Pumps and Water Treatment in Kingston, to the nice bank ladies at CIBC and BMO in Ottawa, to the other nice ladies at John O’Connor’s law office in Westport, and to Brenda and the Gurr-eat team for letting us have it. Tanksbetogod.

Next post: breakdown of things we’ve already gotten our grubby hands on… looking forward to move-in date when we can empty the piles of things sitting in the corner of our living room.


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