All of the things!

The collector in me is having a field day with this whole buy-a-cabin-and-fix-it-up thing. Sure the outdoors (143 acres!) is going to be the main focus, but having a new home to pull together from scraps is right now what I’m most looking forward to.

Liam’s energy is mostly on outdoors stuff, meaning I get to play, play, play with the inside, just like I wanted. So far I’ve distracted myself to pieces looking for old/used/free/cheap home reno/decor materials. Here’s the breakdown of what I’ve gotten so far off kijiji (pictures coming later):

  • Assorted tile (laminate, ceramic, stone, and more) from an architecture firm that was getting rid of their outdated sample books – FREE
  • A booklet of upholstery fabric swatches with paper backings that I cleaned off already and plan on using to make newspaper stuffed or milk crate pouffes (I also cleaned off a silk swatch booklet I had lying around – to make patchwork curtains probably, and dusted off a few paint swatch fan booklets I had – a découpage wall perhaps?) – FREE
  • 2 monkey mugs identical to the ones Lisanne got Emi and I a few years ago, bought so I don’t have to steal back the ones I “donated” to the grad lounge (but really will probably take back when I graduate muahaha)- $5
  • 2 tall CD shelves for our tiny kitchen, or maybe for the living room, or… who knows! – $20 for both
  • 2 boxes of 6″x6″ wall tiles (total ~25sq.ft.) – $20
  • 3 boxes 4.5″x4.5″ wall tiles (total ~37.5 sq.ft.) – $30
  • ~35 12″x12″ VCT floor tiles (total ~35 sq.ft.) – $5
  • Dish set, white and sturdy and scratched but perfect – $20

I had also pulled 3 laminate shelves out of our dumpster last week. I’ll buy primer at some point and paint all these things white, most likely.

According to my calculations, that’s $100 so far. We’ll be bringing a lot of linens, decor, etc., from here since we have extras. I also have this great monk cookie jar from Josée-Anna that I spray-painted silver, a few old window frames and a wooden “Welcome to Dublin” sign Chris snagged for me from the street on Moving Day (aka Canada Day) in Montréal, the organ innards that Emi helped me carry from the old Korean church on Décarie Blvd that I will finally (!) hang, and a whole bunch of amazing teacups and saucers from our wedding that would be perfect on display in the kitchen window or something. I also want to make a quilt with my new sewing machine from Santa, using the pile of handkerchiefs that have been multiplying in my filing cabinet’s “drawer of surprises”.

It’ll be about space-saving, since it’s a pretty small cabin with maybe 300-odd square feet of living/eating/pooping space. Ah yes, pooping. Liam says I’m obsessed, but since it’s a daily event I do think about the toilet situation. There’s no septic system so I’ve been looking into composting outhouses. That’ll be a story for later, though.


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